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Siphonic Roof Drainage Presentation
(Duration: 11mins)

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Siphonic Roof Drainage Animation
(Duration: 2mins)

Test Facility

The Syfon Systems test facility is used to demonstrate the operation of the system and provides the opportunity to examine its effectiveness under extreme conditions. Pipes are sized according to the specific design parameters to demonstrate the system under particular design loads, providing clients with confidence that the design will operate in accordance with code requirements.

It is also possible to simulate different types of system failure and blockages, to determine the impact on gutters, overflow, and systems redundancy.

Furthermore, it is possible to test for a range of purposes such as:

  • Different overflow configurations
  • Raking Box gutters, and their impact on the system
  • Varying gutter configurations as per architectural requirements that fall outside the normal parameters
  • Acoustic levels of alternative piping materials
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What is syfonic drainage?

Syfon Systems technology provides a simple, unique, high-rainfall roof drainage product specifically suited to the Australian, New Zealand and Asian climates.

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Syfonic Drainage